Le Train Fantôme is the work of French designer and maker Fanja Ralison.

Based in the U.K Fanja has enchanted a worldwide audience with her whimsical characters and playful textile designs. Fanja's interest in textiles, crafts and design goes back a long way and was put into practise through sewing, which she learned with the help of her mother when she was little. When her first child was born Fanja made a little bunny, which was later named Little Ozzie. Little Ozzie was Le Train fantôme's first character and has become its staple, being gifted to babies all over the world. From then on several anthropomorphic characters followed and gradually shaped the world of le Train Fantôme. Through these textile creations began an explorative, creative journey from photomontage to screen printing and pattern design,along collaborations with like minded talented artists and designers.

Fanja draws her inspiration from many creative fields, design, art, photography, textile design and also nature. She quotes Henri Matisse, David Hockney, Sonia Delaunay amongst others.

'There is something magical about creating a character and see its personality take shape as you sew the final stitches. The same applies to a pattern or an illustration drawn on paper, they end up being part of a story of their own. I hope that when you acquire a creation from Le Train fantôme you also imagine your own stories, create memories and bring a bit of that magic into your home.'